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Cranberry Lake Pedestrian Footbridge family photo month


Please submit as many pictures as you’d like of your family and loved ones with the bridge in the background. Some examples would be Wedding Day,Engagement Day, hiking/ viewing the lake or viewing lake activities,Canoe day, swim meets, Byram Township Memorial Day services, etc. 

We will post your picture below  highlighting your family. With each post a different family will be recognized. If you’d like to participate please send your photo to [email protected] specifying your family name, occasion, date and permission for SAVE OUR BRIDGE to use your photo. The bridge has been such an important part of people lives throughout Sussex County. The bridge has been stood for 93 years and SAVE OUR BRIDGE is making efforts to get it restored. It has touched many generations,It is a link between generations. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Zachary Lefurge

From 2009 - 2016, I had the privilege to play Taps and honor our service men and women while standing on our bridge. The most memorable parts about this experience were when the nice people standing next to me would throw flowers into the water after the reading of their loved one’s names, and watching the Boy Scouts (some of who are my friends) row their canoe out to just under where I was standing, and lay the wreath in the water below. After they would lay the wreath, I would be given the signal to begin Taps, while thinking about those friends, family members, and loved ones who we’ve all lost.
Being able to play Taps from the bridge was an honor and a privilege, and an experience I will never forget. Some may just say that I’m doing my duty, but it’s more than that. It’s being able to honor those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. I hope that the bridge is restored, and that future trumpet players are able to experience that moment as well.
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